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   Nurses Name & Designation List 

Sr. No Name Designation
1. Smt. Nagin Devi Matron
2. Smt. Kusum Lata Matron
3. Smt. Urmila Thakur Matron
4. Smt. Kunta Devi Matron
5. Smt. Shakuntla Kumari Matron
6. Smt. Urmil Devi Ward Sister
7. Smt.  Hem Lata Ward Sister
8. Smt. Veena Devi Ward Sister
9. Smt. Sushma Kumari Ward Sister
10. Smt. Shakuntla Mehta Ward Sister
11. Smt. Geeta Abrol Ward Sister
12. Smt. Permila Kalia Ward Sister
13. Smt. Kaushalya Devi Ward Sister
14. Smt. Sangeeta  Kumari Ward Sister
15. Smt. Jaiwanti Thakur Ward Sister
16. Smt. Indu Bala Ward Sister
17. Smt. Anjana Verma Ward Sister
18. Smt. Renu Bala Ward Sister`
19. Smt. Nirmla Devi Ward Sister
20. Smt. Jeewan Lata Ward Sister
21. Parveen kumari Chaudhary Ward Sister
22. Anita Sehgal Ward Sister
23. Lalita Kumari Ward Sister
24. Miss Priya Staff Nurse
25. Smt. Anjana Devi Staff Nurse
26. Smt. Pano Devi Staff Nurse
27. Smt. Shobha Kumari Staff Nurse
28. Smt. Kumari Anupam Staff Nurse
29. Smt. Shreshta Devi Staff Nurse
30. Smt. Reena Devi Staff Nurse
31. Smt. Savita Staff Nurse
32. Miss Anupma Staff Nurse
33. Smt. Rekha Kumari Staff Nurse
34. Smt. Ishita Thakur Staff Nurse
35. Smt. Monika Kumari Staff Nurse
36. Smt.Saroj Kumari Staff Nurse
37. Smt. Shakuntla Thakur Staff Nurse
38. Smt. Sushma Kumari Staff Nurse
39. Smt. Rita Thakur Staff Nurse
40. Smt. Guddi Devi Staff Nurse
41. Miss Kiran Bala Staff Nurse
42. Miss Tanuja Banwal Staff Nurse
43. Smt. Bhavna Kumari Staff Nurse
44. Miss Shaily Gill Staff Nurse
45. Smt. Shweta Kumari Staff Nurse
46. Smt. Mamta Devi Staff Nurse
47. Smt. Deepika  Kumari Staff Nurse
48. Smt. Anuradha Devi Staff Nurse
49. Smt. Seema Devi Staff Nurse
50. Smt. Sapna Kumari Staff Nurse
51. Smt. Manju Bala Staff Nurse
52. Smt. Kalpna Kumari Staff Nurse
53. Smt. Meenakshi  Sharma Staff Nurse
54. Smt. Sheetal Staff Nurse
55. Smt. Minakshi Staff Nurse
56. Sh. Kushal Rattan Male Staff Nurse
57. Sh. Vishal Puri Male Staff Nurse
58. Sh. Piar Mohd. Nursing Orderly
59. Sh. Desh Raj Nursing Orderly
60. Smt. Anita Devi Dai
61. Smt. Neeta Devi Dai
62. Smt. Kalawati Devi Dai
63. Smt. Jyoti Devi Dai
64. Smt. Tilko Devi Dai
65. Smt. Razia Begum Dai

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