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  • Ministerial Staff
       Name of Officials    Designation
Sh. Paramjeet Singh SupdttGrd-II
Sh. Ravinder Kumar SupdttGrd-II
Sh. Naresh Kumar Sr. Asstt
Sh. Bal Krishan Sr. Asstt
Sh. Munish Kumar Sr. Asstt
Sh. Chaman Bijalwan Sr. Asstt
Smt. Roma Shabnam Sr. Asstt
Smt. Veena Devi Sr. Asstt
Sh. Rajeev Kumar JOA
Sh. Neeraj Kumar JOA
Sh. Tovinder Kumar Clerk
Sh. Chaman Singh Clerk
Sh. Jagdeep Singh Clerk
Sh. Arif Jaryal Clerk
Sh. Ashok Kumar Clerk
Smt. Anupama Jamwal Jr. Scale Stenographer
Sh. Yubin Gurang R/G
Smt. Neelam Rana OPTH
Sh. Karan Kumar OPTH
Smt. Bindu Chauhan D/H
Sh. Kuldeep D/M
Sh. Sumeet Singh OTA
Smt. Banti OTA
Sh. Kamal Kant OTA
Smt. Neelam Kumai OTA
Sh. Jagdish Singh OTA
Sh. Ramesh Kumar OTA
Sh. Shyam Lal Driver
Sh. Sharvan Kumar Driver
Sh. Bhupinder Kumar Driver
Sh. Man Singh Driver
Sh. Janam Singh Pharmacist
Sh. Hans Raj Pharmacist
Sh. Rudermani Pharmacist
Smt. Kanchan Jamwal Pharmacist
Smt. Anoopa Kumari Pharmacist
Sh. Tilk Raj Pharmacist
Smt. Shalini Pharmacist
Smt. Anjali Sharma Pharmacist
Smt. Monika Bhardwaj Pharmacist
Smt. Deepika Chauhan Pharmacist
Sh. Amar Nath L/T
Sh. Girdhari Lal L/T
Sh. Vijay Kumar L/T
Smt. Kusum Lata Chauhan L/T
Sh. Prince Dogra L/T
Sh. Abhishek Chaudhary L/T
Sh. Santosh Kumar L/T
Sh. Parveen Kumar Lab/Asstt
Sh. Naresh Lab/Asstt
Sh. Mukesh Lab/Asstt
Sh. Ramesh Chand Thakur H/E
Smt. Suman Sharma FHS
Sh. Thetho Ram Cook
Sh.Ajay Kumar Sweeper
Sh. Pervez Bhatt Sweeper
Sh. Arjun Kumar Peon
Sh. Nikku Ram Peon
Sh. Nidhiya Ram Peon
Sh. PremBhadur Peon
Smt. Saroti Devi Peon
Smt. Meenakshi Devi Peon
Sh. Mhatam Chand Peon
Sh. Purshotam Peon
Sh. Madan Lal Peon
Smt. ReenaKumari Peon
Sh. Suresh Kumar Peon
Smt. Pushpa Devi Peon
Sh. Hem Raj Peon
Sh. Gajinder Kumar Peon
Sh. Parkash Chand Peon
Sh. Jagdish Chand Peon
Sh. Dalip Kumar Peon
Sh. Chaman Lal Peon
Sh. Bhuvneshwer Peon
Sh. Pinno Ram Peon
Sh. Sudesh Kumar Peon
Sh. Tulsi Ram Peon
Sh. Hitesh Kumar Peon
Sh. Ram Charan Peon

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